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Fizzy 3-in-1 Foam Cleaner, Mouthwash & Toothpaste, best cleaner for retainers, aligners, night guard, mouth guard, denture, Invisalign, Byte or any brand you name. Keep both your mouth and dental appliances clean wherever and whenver! This alcohol-free, fluoride-free, and paraben-free formula is gentle and safe for those with sensitive mouths. Removes tartar buildup, coffee stain, smoke stain off your clear aligners, dentures and mouth guard.

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The ultimate cleaner for your retainer, clear aligner, mouth guard, dental night guard and denture

Fizzy’s 3-in-1 foam cleaner is retainer cleaner, aligner cleaner, mouth guard cleaner, night guard cleaner, denture cleaner and mouthwash and foam toothpaste! It can be used on all clear aligner brands (Invisalign, Bite, Smile Direct Club, Candid, etc), retainers (Essix retainers/clear retainers, Hawley retainers), dental night guards, sports mouth guards and dentures. Effectively removes tartar buildup, coffee stain, smoke stain off your dental appliances

Fresh Breath, Healthy Teeth, Confident Smile

Discover the strength of our Xylitol-powered mouthwash that fights tartar and plaque for healthier teeth. Enjoy our refreshing flavors, loved by food enthusiasts, for a breath as fresh and cool as cucumber, mint, or watermelon.

Free of alcohol, parabens, fluorde and artificial colors. Vegan. Cruelty Free

We take our commitment to safe and clean products seriously. All of our products are free of alcohol, parabens, fluoride, and artificial colors. We prioritize natural ingredients whenever possible, but when synthetic ingredients are necessary to meet our efficacy standards, we carefully choose from the lowest impact options available, all of which are graded green by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Easy, convenient solution for your mouth and dental appliances anywhere and anytime

No water needed to clean your retainers, clear aligners, mouth guard or dentures. TSA compliant and travel friendly. Perfect for on-the-go or at home cleaning