About Us

Both my husband and I had always struggled with dental issues.

I had broken my front teeth in a childhood accident and had always been self-conscious about my smile even after I had crowns on. To make matters worse, my gums were extremely sensitive, making it difficult for me to use traditional oral care products.

My husband had recently started wearing aligners to straighten his teeth, but the aligners had an unpleasant smell in the morning. He couldn't find a product that would freshen his breath and clean his aligners effectively.

We searched for oral care products that were free from harsh chemicals and artificial flavors, but couldn't find anything that met their standards. So we decided to take matters into their own hands.

We began researching natural ingredients and experimenting with different formulas in their kitchen as well as reaching out to the best-in-class suppliers to develop the best formulas. And the effort paid off. 

We finally developed a line of oral care products that were both natural and effective. They used ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint, and xylitol to create products that were fresh-tasting and gentle on sensitive gums. Our products quickly became popular among friends and family, and soon they decided to start our own oral care brand.

So here we are: we offer something fresh and natural, just as your smile.