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Aligner Chewies

Aligner Chewies

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🦷 Help Seat Aligners in Place: Our ortho chewies are designed to make your aligner treatment progress faster. By comfortably chewing on these chewies, they ensure your aligners are fully seated on your teeth, optimizing their effectiveness.

✅ Safe and Durable: Crafted from food-grade silicone material, our chewies are not only safe but also mint-flavored, flexible, soft, and incredibly durable.

🔗Compatible with All Clear Aligner Brands, Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, Byte, Candid or any brand you name!

Each package contains 2 pieces of chewies

How to use

Wear your clean aligners and place the chewie between your front teeth where they meet the aligners. Bite gently and move along each tooth. Use the chewies twice a day for five to ten minutes, especially where you find your aligners are not tracking or when you just switched to a new set of clear aligners.
Wash the chewies with Fizzy 3-in-1 foam cleaner after each use and store them in a cool, dry place. Replace the chewies when they start to become thin and worn or when they lose elasticity.


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How does aligner chewies help with teeth straightening?

If your aligners aren't tracking properly, you might notice tiny air gaps between your teeth and the clear trays. Invisalign Chewies are designed to press the tray closer to your teeth. Chewing onto the aligner chewies will create pressure and force the trays to snug closer to your teeth and help remove the gap.

How often should I use Invisalign chewies?

It is recommended to use the aligner chewies five minutes for 2 times a day.

What does it mean that my aligners are not tracking?

When you just switched to a new set of trays, it’s normal to observe small air gaps between your teeth and trays because your teeth are still adjusting and haven’t shifted to the pre-designed course yet.

Are the chewies reusable?

Yes! The chewies are made of durable food-grade silicon and is designed for reuse. Make sure you clean the chewies after each use.

How should I clean the aligner chewies?

We recommend using Fizzy 3-in-1 foam cleaner to clean your ortho chewies! Just pump some foam on the chewies, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with water after each use.

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