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Ortho Wax

Ortho Wax

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  • High quality food-grade wax, non-toxic, no skin-sensitive
  • Mint flavored
  • Sticks firmer and longer
  • Prevent sore spot or abrasion caused by rough edges
  • Works for braces, clear aligners and partial dentures

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How to Use Ortho Wax?

1. Wash your hands
2. Brush your teeth (and braces). Clean your clear aligner with Fizzy 3-in-1 foam cleaner
3. Pinch off a small pea-sized amount of wax
4. Warm the wax between your fingers until it softens. Roll the wax into a small ball
5. Flatten the ball of wax slightly with your fingers
6. Gently push the wax over the attachments, brackets or rough edges that are causing discomfort and irritation

Can You Eat with Ortho Wax?

While you can technically eat with ortho wax applied to your braces or aligners, it's generally recommended to remove the wax before eating. The wax may not hold up well while eating and can get dislodged or become less effective. Food can also get stuck to the wax which will result in bacteria buildup. Additionally, drinking water may dislodge the wax. It's best to remove the wax before you eat or drink anything and then re-apply it after you're done.

Can You Sleep with Ortho Wax?

Yes, you can sleep with ortho wax applied to your braces or aligners. In fact, many people find it beneficial to use ortho wax at night to prevent discomfort or irritation that may occur due to friction between the braces, aligners, and the inside of your mouth while sleeping. Applying ortho wax before bedtime can help provide a more comfortable sleep experience during your orthodontic treatment. Just remember to remove and replace the wax after you wake up so you could brush and clean the aligners and teeth underneath the wax.

Is It OK to Accidentally Swallow Ortho Wax?

Accidentally swallowing a small amount of ortho wax is generally considered safe. Ortho wax is made from non-toxic, medical-grade materials, so ingesting a tiny portion is unlikely to cause harm if you accidentally swallow it during eating or sleeping. However, if you find yourself frequently swallowing ortho wax or larger pieces, it's a good idea to consult your orthodontist for guidance.

Are Ortho Wax Reusable?

No ortho wax is not reusable. Once it has been applied and used, it is recommended to replace it with fresh wax as needed for hygiene and effectiveness.

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