Collection: Aligners Accessories

 Recently started your clear aligner treatment and wondering what to buy? Check out our must have tools to build a care kit to ease the discomfort, reduce the pain, prevent sore spots, ensure tracking. Find out the essentials to you need for Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, Candid, Byte, Candid or whatever clear braces brands you’re using!

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Sleek and multi-function cases to hold your aligners

Double-layer aligner container to hold not only your Invisalign, but also organize essential tools such as aligner retriever, chewies and ortho wax. Small but great for starter kit

Aligner Removal Tool Made with Food-grade, Durable Material

Remove clear aligner effortlessly, with or without attachements

High quality ortho wax to prevent sore spots

Creats a soft, protective barrier and cusions between sharp edges and Invisalign attachements. Relieves the discomfort pain or sore spots caused by aligners and attachments.

Food-grade, durable, minty Invisalign chewies to help your aligners track

Minty-fresh and ready to assist, our chewies are here to help your aligners track beautifully. Just bite, chew, and let them work their magic, ensuring your smile journey stays right on course. Comfortable, effective, and oh-so-refreshing!